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M.O Alesayi Electronics CO.LTD. Domestic Warranty System

Terms and Conditions of Domestic Warranty

- All products under warranty for 2 years inside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

- Customer will lose the warranty if the set is mishandled, dropped, burnt, damaged or repaired by himself or by any unauthorized service centers.

- All Consumables & Accessories is not covered by warranty (Toners, Printers Drums, Accessories, Air Purifier Filters, Normal and Rechargeable Batteries, Lamps, cleaning liquids or any chemical Materials)

Note: Upon warranty claims, Original Invoice should be presented, and for registered customers they can print from purchase history if original Invoice lost


Some products or parts of them are subjected to more than 2 years of warranty as follow:

#ProductBrandWarranty Period
1 TV TCL 3 Years
2 Mobile Air Conditioner TCL 3 Years on Compressor Only
3 Air Conditioner ROWA Split 10 Years on Compressor Only
4 Air Conditioner ROWA Window 5 Years on Compressor Only
5 Air Conditioner GALANZ 3 Years & 6 Years on Compressor Only
6 Air Conditioner PANASONIC 5 Years on Compressor Only
7 Refrigerators PANASONIC 12 Years on Compressor Only
8 Automatic Washers (Front and Top load) PANASONIC 12 Years on Motor Only
9 Twin Tub Washers PANASONIC 7 Years on Motor Only