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  1. Panasonic, Laser Fax, KX-FL423ML-W

    Regular Price: SAR1,049.00

    Special Price: SAR899.00

    Save: 150.00 (14%)

    Laser Fax Warranty 2 years

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  2. Panasonic, Fax, KX-FP712CX-W

    Regular Price: SAR595.00

    Special Price: SAR499.00

    Save: 96.00 (16%)

    Plain Paper Fax with Copier

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  3. Panasonic, Replacement Film for FP712, KX-FA57E

    Regular Price: SAR83.00

    Special Price: SAR59.00

    Save: 24.00 (29%)

    Replacement Film for KX-FP712

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  4. Panasonic, Toner for FAT88, KX-FAT88E


    Toner Catridge for FL 423

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  5. Panasonic Dry Toner - KX-FAD89E, Black

    Regular Price: SAR405.00

    Special Price: SAR399.00

    Save: 6.00 (1%)

    Compatible Printer Models: PANASONIC KX-FA-89 Drum Kit KX-FL401 KX-FL402 KX-FL403 KX-FLC411 KX-FLC412 KX-FLC413

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