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Panasonic logoPanasonic Corporation, one of the world's largest electronics manufacturers and the biggest in Japan, was founded as Matsushita Electric Industrial Co. Ltd. in 1918. The company was renamed to Panasonic Corporation in 2008. Panasonic offers a wide range of products and services including home appliances, televisions, personal computers, mobile phones, audio equipment, cameras, broadcasting equipment, projectors, automotive electronics, and smartphones. Panasonic products are charactrized with high quality

Panasonic Products:

    Personal Care:

Includes portable showers, hair stylers, hair straightners, hair dryers, trimmers, men shavers, women shavers and IPL systems.

    Home Appliances:

Includes Big Appliances, Small Appliances, Kitchen Appliances, Home Appliances, Juicers, Blenders, Mixers, Food Processors, Meat Grinders, Ovens, Rice Cookers, Toasters, Microwaves, Kettles, Washing Machines, Refrigerators, Vacuum Cleaners, and Irons.

    Audio Video:

Includes Televisions, Still Cameras, Digital Cameras, Camcorder Cameras, DSLR Cameras, Action Cameras, Video Cameras, Professional Cameras, Point and Shoot Cameras, Home Theaters, CD DVD Players, Portable Radios, Cassette Radios, Micro Audio Systems, and Mini Audio Systems.

    Air Movings:

Includes Air Conditioners, Air Purifiers, Air Humidifiers, Box Fans, Desk Fans, Stand Fans, Wall Fans, Window Fans, Ceiling Fans, Ventilating Fans, and Industrial High Pressures Fans

    Office & Telecommunications:

Includes Corded Phones, Cordless Phones, Multi Functional Printers, Faxes, Home Security, Intercom Systems, and PBX Systems