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Vaccum Cleaners

  1. Panasonic Full Capture Nozzle


    Full Capture Nozzle - Fix With all Panasonic Models *** Drums & Canister ***

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  2. Panasonic Vacuum Cleaner MC-YL635T747

    Regular Price: SAR559.00

    Special Price: SAR359.00

    Save: 200.00 (36%)

    Power: 2200W Capacity: 21L Made in Malaysia Warranty 2 years

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  3. Panasonic Vacuum Cleaner MC-YL637S747

    Regular Price: SAR685.00

    Special Price: SAR529.00

    Save: 156.00 (23%)

    Power: 2300W Capacity: 21L cord rewind function Made in Malaysia Warranty 2 years

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  4. Hoover, Vacuum Cleaner, HT85-T3-ME

    Regular Price: SAR599.00

    Special Price: SAR449.00

    Save: 150.00 (25%)

    Power 2300W 22L capacity Anti-bacteria Filter Cord Length 10M Warranty 2 years

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  5. Hoover, Vacuum Cleaner, HT85-T0-ME

    Regular Price: SAR299.00

    Special Price: SAR199.00

    Save: 100.00 (33%)

    Power 1700W 15L capacity Anti-bacteria Filter Cord Length 6M Warranty 2 years

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  6. Hoover Cordless Lift Upright Vacuum Cleaner HU85-ACLG-ME

    Regular Price: SAR1,499.00

    Special Price: SAR899.00

    Save: 600.00 (40%)

    Capacity : 1.5L Multi -cyclonic Technology 800W Hepa Filter An ultra-lightweight, lift-out cylinder for instant extra reach above the floor 2 LithiumLife batteries deliver up to 60 minutes run time WindTunnel3 helps lift and remove embedded dirt Cyclonic technology delivers constant powerful suction LED headlights mean you can easily navigate around your home Warranty 2 years

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  7. Hoover Cordless upright and a handheld Vacuum Cleaner H85-AC21-ME


    LithiumLife Battery - up to 30 minutes run-time Cordless - A complete cordless solution without the need for a cordor constant unplugging. Steerable technology - allows you to navigate smoothly around furniture, corners and other obstacles Lightweight to carry - Making it easy to carry from room to room and upstairs Stick-Vac Versatility - Switch between a stick vac and handheld - all in one unit. Warrany 2 years.

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  8. Panasonic Vacuum Cleaner MC-CG520R747

    Regular Price: SAR310.00

    Special Price: SAR234.00

    Save: 76.00 (25%)

    Power: 1400W-Capacity: 4L-Cord: 8M-Malaysia Warranty 2 years

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  9. Panasonic, Vacuum Cleaner, MC-CG521R747

    Regular Price: SAR390.00

    Special Price: SAR289.00

    Save: 101.00 (26%)

    Power: 1400W-Capacity: 4L-Cord: 8M-Malaysia

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  10. Panasonic, Vacuum Cleaner, MC-CG523K747

    Regular Price: SAR445.00

    Special Price: SAR329.00

    Save: 116.00 (26%)

    Power: 1500W-Capacity: 4L-Cord: 8M-Malaysia

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  11. Panasonic, Vacuum Cleaner, MC-CG525R747

    Regular Price: SAR480.00

    Special Price: SAR349.00

    Save: 131.00 (27%)

    Power: 1700W-Capacity: 4L-Cord: 8M-Malaysia

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  12. Panasonic, Vacuum Cleaner, MC-CG711R747

    Regular Price: SAR650.00

    Special Price: SAR476.00

    Save: 174.00 (27%)

    Power: 1900W-Capacity: 6L-Cord: 8M-Malaysia

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  13. Panasonic, Vacuum Cleaner, MC-CG711A747

    Regular Price: SAR555.00

    Special Price: SAR285.00

    Save: 270.00 (49%)

    Power: 1900W-Capacity: 6L-Cord: 8M-Malaysia Warranty 2 years Note:this model is not included in Quantity offer

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  14. Panasonic, Vacuum Cleaner, MC-CG713W747

    Regular Price: SAR625.00

    Special Price: SAR341.00

    Save: 284.00 (45%)

    Power: 2000W-Capacity: 6L-Cord: 8M-Malaysia Note:this model is not included in Quantity offer

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  15. Panasonic, Vacuum Cleaner, MC-CG713R747

    Regular Price: SAR729.00

    Special Price: SAR499.00

    Save: 230.00 (32%)

    Power: 2000W-Capacity: 6L-Cord: 8M-Malaysia

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