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Carpet Washers

  1. Hoover, Carpet Washer, HW86-DVA-S

    Regular Price: SAR1,599.00

    Special Price: SAR949.00

    Save: 650.00 (41%)

    1350W, 2.6m, 3.7L clean, 3.3L dirt, 10m cord, upholstery kit, dries up to 70%, spinscurb brush, Dual V suction Power Warranty 2 years

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  2. Hoover, Carpet Washer, F5916901


    1350W, hose 2m, 3.2l clean, 2.7l dirt, 9m cord, upholstery tool Warranty 2 years

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  3. Hoover, Carpet Washer, HW86-DP-S

    Regular Price: SAR699.00

    Special Price: SAR499.00

    Save: 200.00 (29%)

    800W, 2.7l clean, 1.5l dirt, 8m cord, double brush technology Warranty 2 years

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  4. Hoover, Carpet Washer, F5916901

    Regular Price: SAR1,199.00

    Special Price: SAR799.00

    Save: 400.00 (33%)

    1350W hose 2m 3.2l clean 2.7l dirt 9m cord upholstery tool Warranty 2 years

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  5. Hoover, Carpet Washer, Power Scrub Elite, CWGDH012

    Regular Price: SAR1,399.00

    Special Price: SAR1,099.00

    Save: 300.00 (21%)

    Quick Clean Mode Dries in less than 45 minutes in Heat Force Mode Deep Clean Mode remove deeply dirt and stains Spin Scrub® Brush Technology- wash and scrub carpets from all angles Antimicrobial Tool For cleaning of stairs and upholstery Warranty 2 years

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