Amplify your guitar skills with Panasonic’s CMAX5

Alesayi Electronics Panasonic

Panasonic’s stylish all-in-one audio system SC-CMAX5, with its ability to deliver ultra-powerful sound both indoors and outdoors, is the go-to product for guitar enthusiasts. With an easy operation, hobbyists and enthusiasts can use SC-CMAX5 as a guitar amp and speaker for dynamic musical performances or home jamming sessions.

Adding to the convenience of an audio system, the SC-CMAX5 comes with two mic inputs, one of which can be used as high-impedance guitar input, hence omitting the need of carrying an extra speaker or amplifier for the two connections. The digital connectivity that the audio system offers: USB ports and the Bluetooth wireless technology for playing backing tracks, which is a boon for guitarists, both for enjoying and making music.

The 1000-watt speaker – which features a single 6cm tweeter, two 10 cm woofers, one 25cm super woofer, has done quite well globally for customers who are always on the lookout to invest in quality entertainment experiences.

A guitarist can basically just walk into a location, plug in the SC-CMAX5, and conveniently stream his favorite backing tracks from his phone via Bluetooth and jam along. Alternatively, there are tons of options to easily connect external equipment such as karaoke systems, microphones & USB devices.

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Inspired Cooking with Panasonic’s Food Processor

Alesayi Electronics Panasonic

Panasonic’s new multi-functional flagship Food Processor MK-F800 is a must-have addition for any kitchen. The latest addition in Panasonic kitchen appliances line-up, flaunts 5 pre-programmed one touch auto menus for an ideal result every time. It also has 2 manual modes in case the control of speed and pulse settings is required.

One touch auto menu (5 recipes):
– Mince
– Chop
– Dessert (Process semi-frozen fruits and vegetables for making desserts, gelato, etc.)
– Impaste (Making paste or grinding nuts and seeds)
– Salad Drainer (Spinner for drying salad mixes)

MK-F800 comes with a complete die-cast aluminium body and 13 accessories, for 33 different uses, such as professional level cutting, slicing, grating, kneading, shredding, whipping, blending, juicing and much more. Thanks to its ultra-sharp blades and high quality attachments. No hassle now in making the perfectly shaped French fries.


Another exceptional feature of this product is the 2.5 litre Triton jug which allows safer use, and can be washed safely in a dish washer for quick and easy cleaning. It also comes with an attachments storage box specifically made to match an organised kitchen.

The safety lock feature ensures that the machine does not start until you lock the bowl and the bowl cover. This prevents the blade and the food from jumping out of the machine while in use. It also has suction cups on the base offering extra stability, with a release button on the side for lifting.


Inspired by the Panasonic ‘Experience Fresh’ philosophy, the new easy-lift Food Processors allow users to produce a variety of fresh and delicious meals with speed and precision.

The Japanese manufacturer also provides a menu book with the processor. This menu has culinary ideas for lavish kid’s birthday parties, Iftar meals, cocktail party meals and anniversary meals.

MK-F500 is the second model of this new food processor range which comes with the same 13 attachments and 33 functions and features except for the one touch auto menu.

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Panasonic launches new bagless

Alesayi Electronics Panasonic

Panasonic has launched the latest line up of vacuum cleaners, MC-CL 565, MC-CL 563, and MC-CL 561, which are successors to the company’s popular bagless canister model MC-CL 48 series, in Middle East & Africa. All three models feature a combination of innovative long lasting suction power technology & full capture nozzle that make cleaning easy, efficient and effective.

Panasonic’s new models come with high performance, powerful motors ranging from, 1600 W to 2000 W, and long lasting suction power, thanks to the unique mega cyclone system. The centrifugal force of the cyclone system keeps dust and dirt at the bottom of the canister, and away from the filter. Also, the detachable and hassle free dust container allows for a quick and convenient disposal, not to mention keeping hands away from any dirt.

The Double HEPA system filter in MC-CL565 consists of the main HEPA filter and exhaust HEPA filter that captures fine particles ensuring the area is free from any pollutants. The top and midrange models MC-CL565 and MC-CL563 features a full capture nozzle with a front cover that opens to help in cleaning edges efficiently. The nozzle is attached to an ergonomically curved wand providing smoother manoeuvrability. This also enables cleaning different surfaces including floor, carpets, and furniture, really easy.

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